Welcome to my website

I'm Pam Franklin, an IFBB Professional bodybuilder. My next contest will be in 2017. I'm taking a year off to heal injuries and then get bigger.

I last competed at the 2015 Wings of Strength Over-40 in San Antonio, an IFBB Professional Bodybuilding contest. I placed 1st in my division.

You can see a video of my Pro Masters routine and aerial silks routine on my YouTube channel.

I am also a Personal Trainer in Houston with a private gym.

Travel Notes

I love traveling...both domestic and international. Sometimes I meet a fan which turns into a friend such as Alain in Paris, France and Nayer in Alexandria, Egypt. They were so kind as to show my husband and I around their city, go out to eat with them, meet their friends, etc. This gives me a perspective to another culture beyond the tourist sites. So if you want to meet me, just write me at

Scheduled Travel
Oct 10-Nov 1 - Spain/Morocco (Madrid (Oct10-12), Seville, Barcelona, Marrakesh, etc.)

Future Travel
Napa Valley
Australia/New Zealand
South Africa


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